Growth through Marketing


Why Use VMO?

  • WE ARE NOT JUST A NEWSLETTER GENERATOR!  Virtual Marketing Outreach (VMO) gives you a whole bunch of marketing activities to choose from such as Direct Mail, Social Media, Thought Leadership Activities, Industry Letters, Holiday Cards and more!
  • SAVE TIME! With all materials already created, save time compared to other email and marketing-in-a-box online tools.
  • WE WRITE THE CONTENT! No need for writing skills as content recommendations are filled in for you with the option of editing.
  • WE PROVIDE CREATIVE THEMES! Choose from a creative theme to connect your themes throughout the year! (Coming soon - a flexible creative option where you can fill in your own tag line and theme).
  • WE ARE YOUR PRINTER & POST OFFICE!  Thanks to our partners, we do the printing, list management and mailing for you.  All built into your VMO tool.
  • VARIETY OF TOUCH POINTS! If your contact doesn't keep up with one marketing vehicle, such as email, you have a better chance of capturing his/her attention by using many different types of marketing activities. 
  • BE REMEMBERED!  With your marketing materials sent on a recurring monthly basis, you will be in front of your contacts when they are ready to buy.  We are constantly refreshing our design and content choices to give you new options.
  • ACCESS TO A MARKETING EXPERT!  With the Plus Package, our Marketing Consultants are available to help guide you through VMO.

Return on Investment

Consider how few new client engagements you need to cover the costs of our VMO tool.  Not too many, right?   Now think about how much you have to pay for just one marketing brochure... it could be $1000's!  Here you get 12 DIFFERENT activities for either $645 or $945 a month. 

Start immediately and plan on getting a solid return on investment!  We are looking forward to hearing your success stories!


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